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Lipids differ from carbohydrates in that lipids a. are found in cells only when food is not abundant. b. are rarely found in cells. c. contain less oxygen per unit of carbon. d. are linked sugar molecules. e. do not contain carbon or hydrogen. 3. Individual polypeptide chains locally bend or fold into coils or sheets. This is the a. zero-order structure. b. primary structure. c. secondary structure. d. tertiary structure. e. quaternary structure. 40 Chapter 3 Molecules and Macromolecules of Life 4.

14C has two more neutrons. d. both a and c are correct. e. all of the above are correct. Chapter Test Answers 1. T 2. T 3. c 4. d 5. b 6. b 7. c Check Your Performance: Atoms, Bonds, Water, and Carbon Key: TT = Topic Test; CE = Chapter Exam. Numbers indicate exam questions. Some questions are listed more than once if they refer to more than one topic. Chapter Test 27 Molecules and Macrolllolecules of Life While a large number of different molecules are found in living organisms, knowledge of a few of them is sufficient for understanding much of basic biology.

However, hydrogen bonds also can form between hydrogen and other electronegative ions, such as nitrogen and sulfur. 8. Nonpolar molecules are not very soluble in water because they would have to disrupt hydrogen bonds in order to mix with the water molecules. Since this would require energy, most of the nonpolar molecules will be excluded from the water phase. for lift? forms with other atoms? I What are isomers? What are the different kinds if isomers? Carbon atoms are critical to life as we know it.

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