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With an cutting edge, visible strategy the Eyewitness trip 15-Minute language courses are the perfect instruments for those that have to study a language quick.

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Ah-ee akthesoh parah seeyas day rwedas 5 Put into practice Cover the text on the right and complete the dialogue in Spanish. Lo siento, el museo está cerrado. ¿Abren los martes? ahbren los martes loh syentoh, el moosayoh estah therradoh Sorry. The museum is closed. Ask: Are you open on Tuesdays? Sí, pero cerramos temprano. ¿A qué hora? ah kay orah see, peroh therramos tempranoh Yes, but we close early. Ask: At what time? Sí, el ascensor está allí. Gracias, quisiera cuatro entradas. Aquí tiene, y la guía es gratis.

Buenos días. Quisiera hablar con Julián López, por favor. ¿De parte de quién? bwenos deeyas. keesyair-ah ablar kon hooleean lopeth, por fabor Who’s calling? Hello. I’d like to speak to Julián López, please. day partay day kee-en? M A K I N G A R R A N G E M E NT S 35 4 Useful phrases Practice these phrases and then test yourself using the cover flap. Quisiera una línea externa. keesyairah oonah leeneah externah I’d like an outside line. Quiero llamar a cobro revertido. Quisiera hablar con María Alfaro.

Hay una cerca de la piscina. ¿Cuánto cuesta para una roulotte? netheseetoh oonah plathah parah tres noches ah-ee oonah therkah day lah peestheenah kwantoh kwestah parah oonah rroolot There’s one near the swimming pool. How much is it for a camper? I need a site for three nights. AC C O M M O DAT I O N 63 4 Words to remember Learn these words and then test yourself using the cover flap. 5 Say it I need a site for four nights. Can I rent a tent? campground el cámping el kampeen tent la tienda lah tyendah camper trailer la roulotte lah rroolot Where’s the electrical hookup?

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