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By James Boyce

With the founding of Melbourne in 1835, a flood of settlers all started spreading out around the Australian continent. In 3 years extra land – and extra humans – used to be conquered than within the previous fifty.

In 1835 James Boyce brings this pivotal second to existence. He lines the ability performs in Hobart, Sydney and London, and describes the major personalities of Melbourne’s early days. He evokes the Australian frontier – its complexity, its rawness and how its legacy continues to be with us at the present time. And he asks the poignant query principally overlooked for one hundred seventy five years: may perhaps it were different?

With his first ebook, Van Diemen’s Land, Boyce brought an totally clean method of the nation’s background. ‘In re-imagining Australia’s past,’ Richard Flanagan wrote, ‘it invents a brand new future.’ 1835 maintains this untold story.

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