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Leemans, Adnot. , p. 162). SIGNET. The signet is the determinative of the ^«erbs to close, (Champ. , p. 372). In Hebrew =rr; hethm, a signet, a seal ring, and the same word signifies to close, to shut, to seal, and likewise to shut, to seal to accomplish, The to finish Egyptian ajTU-, (Gesenius). word ^"^^^ by given which is ChampoUion is the pronunciation of Hebrew word -r- hethm. The Coptic word ^T^Z^-U- certainly the signifies to shut, The only no wise designates a signet. iet ring, but does not express the ideas which to close, to shut.

Ix the Thus, according to Horapollo, the symbolic relations existing between the god Sun and the lion are clearly manifiested in the Hebrew. The hinder parts of the lion, according to the same author, had the signification of strength (Horap. I. 18). The word "ch LiscH designates a lion and strength (Gesenius). The head of the lion, says Horapollo, was the symbol of vigilance and care, because that animal closes his eyes when waking and opens them when asleep, which desigit was on account of this symbolic nates vigilance were placed as guardians at the inclothat lions quality sures of the temples (Horap.

The answer is clear ; Egypt had three 70, 11. in the Coptic Why , names Egypt ; ; 25). one, symbolized by the lily, designated Upper the other, represented by the papyrus, Lower These two names answer to the Hebrew words Egypt. Dnns PTHRUS, Uyfcr Egypt, and m::^ mtsur. Lower Egypt; the first indicated the region of expounders and and civilizareligion; the second, the land of agriculture tion, as explained under the article lilij (consult the Art. Vulture). The third name, on hem, or ham, designated the dead men crouching in the darkness of ignorance (Vide Art.

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