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By Crosswait, K.M.; Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Plasma Fusion Center.; United States. Dept. of Energy.; Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education.; United States. Dept. of Energy. Office of Scientific and Technical Information

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28 Inreactor experiments are being conducted at present to determine whether this will be a problem. One way to prevent this from being an issue is to separate the lithium oxide from the beryllium using a mechanical divider plate; however, this complicates the blanket design and can potentially lower the multiplier's effectiveness. Another potential concern for lithium oxide is the generation and migration of LiOT from hot-to-cold regions of the blanket. How significant a concern this is requires further high-temperature, in-situ tritium extraction tests.

The following paragraphs discuss the structural material options which have attracted the most attention for use in helium-cooled fusion blankets. All of the materials discussed below appear to have adequate chemical compatibility with helium coolant (and its impurities), and with the candidate breeder and multiplier materials. However, as will be seen, each of the structural materials discussed has one or more problems which could prohibit its use in a fusion blanket. Ongoing research by the international fusion community continues for all of these materials to solve these outstanding problems.

17, 1991,p. 95. 44(10),1961, p. 513. 53 A higher packing fraction (up to 80 volume percent) can be attained using two different pebble sizes, with the smaller pebble diameter no greater than one-seventh the diameter of the larger pebble. Even higher packing fractions can be attained using a third pebble size, with a diameter again less than one-seventh the previous diameter. However, three-sized pebble beds have been shown using mathematical models to have characteristically excessive purge flow pressure drops (because the smallest sphere size eliminates too much bed porosity).

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