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By Rex Li

A emerging China, diplomacy theories, and chinese language protection discourse of East Asian powers -- Hegemonic aspirations in a unipolar international : US defense procedure lower than the George Bush Snr and invoice Clinton presidencies -- September eleven, pre-emption and the Bush Doctrine : US protection technique less than the George W. Bush management -- safeguard, id, and strategic selection : Japan's quest for an exceptional energy prestige -- A key participant in an rising multipolar international : Russia and East Asian defense -- China's reaction to the protection problem of the key powers in East Asia : identification building and nice energy aspirations -- chinese language safety discourse and its implications for the controversy at the upward thrust of China

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The research was based on the author’s extensive interviews with PRC scholars and a wide range of Chinese-language material. It offers a 24 A rising China and Chinese security discourse broader conceptual framework within which Chinese perceptions of individual countries or specific international issues can be explored. More significantly, the study introduced the state of international relations in China to the outside world at a time when serious efforts were being made to develop the discipline.

Research has been carried out on the links between China’s foreign policy behaviour and Mao’s revolutionary outlook, his views of the world, his interpretations of the Leninist theory of imperialism, his writings on contradictions and the communist ‘united front’ strategy (Gittings 1974; Schwartz 1968b; Tsou and Halperin 1965; Yahuda 1983). Finally, some scholars, notably historians and Sinologists, argue that it is difficult to fully understand the mindset of Chinese foreign policy elites without a good knowledge of Chinese history and imperial China’s view of the world, in which China occupies a central and superior position within a hierarchical system (Fairbank 1968, 1969; Fitzgerald 1964; Ginsberg 1968; Mancall 1984).

On the contrary, interdependence will increase the probability of conflict between the PRC and its neighbours as China becomes more dependent on external resources such as oil and grain imports. Given the volatility of Chinese foreign policy behaviours in the past few decades, there is no conclusive evidence to support either of the two arguments, but it does seem that economic interdependence can lead to peace or war, depending on the circumstances. As Thomas Moore and Dixia Yang (2001: 229) point out, economic interdependence ‘is not alone likely to transform either Chinese world-views or Chinese foreign policy’.

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