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This can be a e-book that would switch your perspective--to those that examine themselves atheists due to war of words with the superficial and mindless God options, this booklet may well express that they, in reality, did think in God for the full time, yet no longer in God provided within the type of the grumpy previous grandpa sitting on his cloud, considering additional regulations in their intercourse existence, yet in God who's the enjoyment honestly and advantage, who's the sweetness within the concord of all issues, who's the basis of all issues optimistic and stable, that we will adventure in our lives--God who's the genuine that means and goal of our lives, and the hidden item of all our longings.

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If therefore conscious God in form of one human being makes love with a conscious God in form of another human being, it will be considered to be holy and blessed by the wise, while the fools will consider it to be dirty. Their inner filth soils everything it touches. If the Divine love of two beings wants to remain present on the physical plane, instead of withdrawing from it, it is perfectly clear that sex will be a direct consequence of that decision, sex not for the sake of reproduction, but for the sake of expression and manifestation of love.

Things should never be done out of pity, but out of dignity, out of a magnificent shining strength. Only the one who is tall and bright can rectify and enlighten. Those are the universal rules without exception. Never can weakness or nourishing the weakness give birth to strength. It will, quite the opposite, produce more weakness. Self-sacrifice will never result in greatness; it can be achieved only through cheerful giving of an open and pure heart. If pure love is not 36 The Quest accepted, then give nothing!

If the means make us unhappy, the result may be only further unhappiness in the future, never happiness. We make choices, we introduce conditions into our reality, and we maintain those states. Let us, opposed to our conventional practice, introduce happiness into our reality, hold on to that happiness and grow in that happiness, and reach the highest happiness. Let us do things that fill us with happiness, that make us feel complete. Let us find our own path, let us not imitate, let us not adjust ourselves in order to fit the merits of others, but on the contrary let us find ourselves.

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