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This Technical observe describes an extension to a cosmopolitan single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) version for metal individuals topic to explosion loading. The SDOF version during this rfile extends the SDOF version formerly constructed in FABIG Technical notice 7 to incorporate pressure price results and to supply extra rational ductility measures than these in keeping with the rate-insensitive version. The Technical notice proceeds via offering an summary of the matter features in addition to the formula procedure utilized in constructing the recent SDOF version, the place attention is given to fabric fee sensitivity based on the Cowper-Symonds version.
entrance topic
• desk of Contents
• 1. creation
• 2. challenge features and Assumptions
three. formula process
four. Cross-Sectional reaction
five. Dynamic energy
• 6. Ductility Measures
• 7. version resolution technique
eight. Examples and Verification
• nine. end
• References

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