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By Zachary Alan Selden

Even though US international coverage was once mostly unpopular within the early 2000s, many geographical regions, specially these bordering Russia and China, extended their safeguard cooperation with the United States. In Alignment, Alliance, and American Grand approach, Zachary Selden notes that the local energy of those intolerant states suggested threatened neighboring states to align with the United States. Gestures of alignment contain participation in significant joint army routines, involvement in US-led operations, the negotiation of agreements for US army bases, and efforts to affix a US-led alliance. in contrast, Brazil can also be a emerging nearby strength, yet because it is a democratic country, its friends haven't sought better alliance with the United States.
Amid demands retrenchment or restraint, Selden makes the case coverage all for preserving American army preeminence and the verified willingness to exploit strength should be what sustains the cooperation of second-tier states, which in flip aid to take care of US hegemony at a attainable rate.

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Whether or not the democratic peace is a valid idea, perceptions of its validity are important in this case. Second-­tier states engage in balancing and strategic hedging primarily in a regional context, and they focus on the regional power rather than the globally predominant power. This has significant effects on the international system because their concern over regional powers leads them to align to varying degrees with the globally predominant power. Because secondary states out of their own self-­interest often make small but significant contributions to the endurance of that global power’s hegemony, the overall effect may be to extend American hegemony, even as its relative power position declines.

In addition to the operational costs, there are potential domestic political costs to the second-­tier state’s leadership, especially if its armed forces sustain casualties as a result. Allowing the United States to establish bases on the national territory or use it as a temporary staging facility demonstrates a willingness by the second-­tier state to cede control over national territory to advance American strategic aims. This is a significant commitment in peacetime, but in the event of hostilities, the risks could be much higher since those facilities could become targets.

39 This latter interpretation appears to be supported by the fact that a large number of states strengthened their security cooperation with the United States and increased their ability to facilitate the global reach of the US military. If unipolarity and what the United States did with its position caused some states to engage in soft balancing, then it is puzzling that many other states actively sought closer security ties with the United States after 2001. Since then, nine Eastern European states sought and obtained membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, an institution defined by its explicit American security guarantee.

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