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By Olle Gunnarsson

Alkali-doped fullerides have attracted robust curiosity considering their construction turned attainable approximately fifteen years in the past. This booklet provides contemporary paintings which can remedy exciting difficulties bobbing up from a number of extraordinary houses. for instance, those solids are superconductors with excessive transition temperatures, even supposing the similarity among the digital and phonon power scales should still suppress superconductivity. in addition, the Ioffe–Regel for electric conductivity is strongly violated. The ebook exhibits why superconductivity is however attainable, as a result of an area pairing mechanism. The Ioffe–Regel situation is derived quantum-mechanically, and it really is defined why the underlying assumptions are violated for fullerides and high-Tc cuprates, for instance. The ebook treats digital and delivery houses, reviewing theoretical and experimental effects. It specializes in superconductivity, electric conductivity and metal–insulator transitions, emphasizing the electron–electron and electron–phonon interactions in addition to the Jahn–Teller influence.

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5 Current operator The resistivity of the alkali-doped Ceo compounds is one of the most interesting properties, and it will be discussed extensively in Chapter 8. To obtain the resistivity and the optical conductivity, we need a model for the current operator. Normally, the current operator is expressed in terms Current 41 operator of the gradient operator, and the appropriate matrix elements can then be calculated. Here we are considering a model Hamiltonian, where the wave functions underlying the models of hopping have not been precisely specified.

211. 7) The remaining two functions \tiu,mb) can be obtained by rotating this function around the threefold axes [111] and [111]. The interesting hu function is the lowest one of the two available hu functions. A bonding hu orbital can be projected out from the bonding combination of the 2pr orbitals on atom number 3 and its reflection in the x = 0 plane. This orbital is shown in Fig. 1. An antibonding hu orbital is projected out from the antibonding combination of 2pr orbitals on atom number 2 and its reflection in the 2 = 0 plane.

Substantially smaller than the result obtained from Eq. 28). The approach above did not consider charge transfer from the surrounding to the central molecule in the treatment of metallic screening. This mechanism is discussed in Sec. 4, and it is found to be an important aspect of metallic screening. Coulomb interaction 29 We next consider the nearest neighbor interaction V, which is obtained by calculating the increase of the energy of a t\u orbital on a molecule 1 when an electron is added to a neighboring molecule 2.

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