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An extreme charged particle beam might be characterised as an geared up charged particle circulate for which the results of beam self-fields are of significant value in describing the evolution of the movement. study using such beams is now a swiftly transforming into box with very important functions starting from the advance of excessive energy resources of coherent radiation to inertial confinement fusion. significant courses have now been confirmed at numerous laboratories within the usa and nice Britain, in addition to within the USSR, Japan, and several other jap and Western ecu countries. furthermore, comparable learn actions are being pursued on the graduate point at a number of universities within the US and in a foreign country. while the writer first entered this box in 1973 there has been no unmarried reference textual content that supplied a wide survey of the $64000 subject matters, but contained enough element to be of curiosity to the lively researcher. That state of affairs has continued, and this e-book is an try to fill the void. As such, the textual content is aimed toward the graduate scholar, or starting researcher; in spite of the fact that, it comprises plentiful details to be a handy reference resource for the complex worker.

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3 • FJectron Flow in High-Power Diodes 53 Substituting Eqs. 59) into Eq. 62) The assumption of space charge limited emission imposes the restriction that Eir,O)=O over the emission surface, and, in principle, yields the Pn once the cathode surface potential q,c(r) has been specified. Differentiation of Eq. 32 It can be formally solved by expanding the Bessel functions in a set of basis functions which are complete and orthonormal on the interval [rl' r2 ]. 10 for the case rl = 0. 31 As an example of the qualitative behavior of foilless diodes we examine the simple case of space-charge-limited emission from the entire cathode surface.

C) What will be the pulse rise time? 7. Consider an intense relativistic electron beam propagating in vacuum along a longitudinal magnetic field of strength B with equilibrium radius 'boo Suppose that at a particular axial position Zo the field strength increases nonadiabatically to Bo + /l B. Describe the beam behavior for Z> Zo. 8. Derive Eqs. 57). 1. Introduction The development of the high-voltage pulsed power technology described in Chapter 1 has provided the capability for generating intense particle beams with power levels up to 10 13 W for time durations of the order of 100 nsec.

The polar axis is assumed coincident with the diode axis of symmetry. With the assumed symmetry, E, = E~ = B, = B, = v~ = v, = 0, and all nonzero quantities are independent of r and cpo In this case Eq. 40) and substitution of Eqs. 38) into Eq. 43) 48 Chap. 44) may be solved by elementary differential equation methods. 45) while the integration of Eq. 46) In the parapotential model, it is not necessary that the electron flow patterns extend to the anode; however, since it may be shown that the beam current is maximized in this instance it will be assumed that the flow patterns do extend completely to the anode.

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