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By Erin McKenna, Andrew Light

What does American pragmatism give a contribution to modern debates approximately human-animal relationships? Does it recognize our connections to all residing issues? Does it carry us toward a moral remedy of all animals? What approximately searching, vegetarianism, animal experimentation, and the welfare of cattle? whereas questions about human family with animals were with us for millennia, there was a marked upward thrust in public know-how approximately animal concerns - even McDonald's advertises that they use humanely handled animals as nutrients resources. In "Animal Pragmatism", 12 vigorous and provocative essays handle matters on the intersection of pragmatist philosophy and animal welfare. subject matters conceal a vast diversity of concerns, together with ethical attention of animals, the ethics of animal experimentation, institutional animal care, environmental safeguard of animal habitat, farm animal welfare, animal verbal exchange, and animal morals. Readers who have interaction with animals, even if as pets or on a plate, will discover a strong and interesting exploration of human-nonhuman relationships. Its members are: James M. Albrecht, Douglas R. Anderson, Steven Fesmire, Glenn Kuehn, Todd Lekan, Andrew mild, John J. McDermott, Erin McKenna, Phillip McReynolds, Ben Minteer, Matthew Pamental, Paul Thompson, and Jennifer Welchman.

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A third approach focuses on the pervasive role that social approbation plays in morality, and concludes that the primary task of ethics is to move beyond its merely customary force by adopting an impartial, rational standard for approbation. Dewey stresses the crucial role of individual character in applying any such standard (241–42); indeed, he argues that cultivating individual character—a responsibility, he insists, that falls to communities as well as to individuals14—is essential to all the main goals of ethics: society must help individuals to cultivate both the habits of “good practical judgment” necessary to discriminate enduring and inclusive ends and a strong “sense of duty” to the common good (233).

Economic systems, not the farmer’s attitude toward animals, are what must be addressed. Thompson argues that those interested in improving animal welfare need to ¤nd ways to support and sustain the market for animal products that are humanely produced rather than demanding their outright prohibition. Following up on Thompson’s conclusion that vegetarianism is but one, and perhaps not the best, option open to pragmatists, Erin McKenna’s “Pragmatism and the Production of Livestock” uses the pragmatic theory of inquiry to gain a better understanding of why we have arrived at our current intensive methods of livestock production.

To diminish friction, he paves the road with iron bars, and mounting a coach with a ship-load of men, animals, and merchandise behind him, he darts through the country, from town to town, like an eagle or a swallow through the air. By the aggregate of these aids, how is the face of the world changed, from the era of Noah to that of Napoleon! (12–13) As this passage shows, Emerson, like the pragmatists after him, celebrates the unique power of human intelligence to reshape the environment so as to extend Pragmatic Mandates for Considering Animals 21 and secure our enjoyment of the goods of experience.

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