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The purpose of this booklet is to include evaluation articles describing the most recent theoretical and experimental advancements within the box of chilly atoms and molecules. Our desire is this sequence will advertise learn through either highlighting contemporary breakthroughs and via outlining probably the most promising study instructions within the field.

Readership: examine scientists together with graduate scholars and top point undergraduate scholars.

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1. The BCS-BEC crossover We now turn to the behavior of the many-body system, where one has a finite density of spin-up and spin-down fermions, denoted n ↑ = N↑ / A and n ↓ = N↓ / A, respectively. At zero temperature, in the absence of interactions, each type of fermion forms a filled Fermi sea with radius in momentum √ space given by the Fermi wave vector k F σ = 4π n σ in 2D. For an attractive interspecies interaction, such as the short-range potential described in Eq. (10), a variety of pairing phenomena is expected to occur in the Fermi system.

107 and 108. An important question concerns the nature of the ground state of a spindown impurity atom in a spin-up Fermi sea. 113–115 This is illustrated in Fig. 20, which shows the quasiparticle branches for equal masses. Interestingly, in the fermionic problem, the impurity can undergo a sharp transition in the ground state and effectively change its statistics by binding fermions from the majority fermions, an effect absent in the classic Fröhlich polaron example above. Quasiparticles in a 2D Fermi gas have been investigated in two experiments: Fermi polarons have been n In this work we use the terminology monomeron, dimeron, trimeron, and tetrameron to denote the impurity bound to 0, 1, 2, and 3 majority atoms, respectively, in the presence of interactions with the Fermi sea.

In Sec. 3, the effects of confinement on the two-body interaction were described. As should be clear from that discussion, the 2D limit of the universal bound states described thus far constitutes the regime where March 4, 2015 6:20 Annual Review of Cold Atoms and Molecules Volume 3 24 9in x 6in b2033-ch01 page 24 J. Levinsen & M. M. , l z /a εb is much smaller than the level spacing in the harmonic trap, ωz , and as the energies of the universal bound states scale with εb we may be in a regime where these are also negligible compared with ωz .

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