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By Mary Elizabeth Salzmann

Introduces, briefly textual content and illustrations, using the letter blend "ap" in such phrases as "cap," "trap," "map," and "wrap."

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You should never ignore the lack of a reply. It is worth trying a telephone call. Often the referee will be willing to say something that he would not put in writing. If he has lost the form, or just not got round to it, a telephone call will usually solve the problem. Even if no information is forthcoming it is often possible to make a deduction from the tone of voice used. You may get something like ‘Oh they’re OK – but it’s head office policy not to give references’. He just has. The Department of Trade and Industry advises in its booklet Make The Cash Flow that you should use only referees selected by yourself not the customer.

The form requires a signature, and the signer’s name and position are also requested. It may be useful to have a name in the records in case contact has to be made. It also makes psychological sense. At least one person working for the buyer is more likely to take things seriously if they have put their signature on the form. Very importantly the form includes the phrase ‘We accept that all invoices are payable within 30 days of date of issue’. This is probably the most important sentence in the entire form.

Your policy should be influenced by the relative strength of your position, the attitude of competitors, the traditions and accepted practice in your industry, your need for extra sales, and so on. There are three cynical but practical reasons for making the nominal period of credit as short as possible: • A very few customers will pay to terms, whatever they are. Believe it or not there are still one or two who will, unprompted, respond to seven day terms by posting a cheque on the sixth day. Admittedly, they may not operate in your sector.

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