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By Dharma Mittra

A useful source for the start, intermediate, or complex yoga practitioner, this publication comprises black-and-white images of 608 separate yoga postures from the recognized yogi, Dharma Mittra.

In 1974, the mythical "teacher of teachers" yogi Dharma Mittra photographed himself in 908 yoga postures. He published each one photograph as an eight x 10 and pasted them jointly to shape a poster, developing the final word Yoga Chart as a present for his instructor, Swami Kailashananda (Yogi Gupta). Asanas collects 608 of these black-and-white pictures, each one followed via the English identify of the pose and the Sanskrit characters, short observation, and particular mixtures for Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Iyengar perform. There are feedback for starting, intermediate, and complicated yoga practitioners, in addition to a listing of poses invaluable for specific illnesses and chakra relationships. since it builds on uncomplicated postures, Asanas will entice scholars of any of the a hundred yoga styles.

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He worked with me for a week ‘in the field’ as he liked to put it, often taking long drives into wilderness areas, visiting sites of potent geographical and historical significance, and even doing our work in a parking lot at Walgreens. His work was very unorthodox in the sense that all he was ever interested in was helping people reclaim their life force. If he had to throw you out of a plane with a parachute on your back for you to realise you were fully alive, that is what he would have done.

He is an incredibly passionate, committed and dedicated person: a true genius. But after a while I felt something was missing in my practice in the Iyengar style. I felt like I was taking out an instrument and tuning it—bing, bing, bing—but never really getting to strum the chords. I became disillusioned with Iyengar yoga’s rigid form, so on one of my trips to Pune, I called up Pattabhi Jois and asked him if I could come to Mysore and study with him. On our first meeting, we bonded instantly. It felt as though I had stepped into my destiny.

The eight limbs are hardly ever mentioned in a yoga class today, and, to be honest, they do not have to be discussed explicitly but can be made present in the room by the attitude and behaviour of the teacher. The yamas and niyamas, the first two of the eight limbs [which deal with moral observance and self-restraints], are the underpinnings of the whole practice of Yoga. They encompass an ethical code for living, in which one’s relationship to others is as important as one’s relationship to one’s self.

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