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By Paul R. Berman

The sector of atom interferometry has elevated swiftly in recent times, and todays learn laboratories are utilizing atom interferometers either as inertial sensors and for precision measurements. Many researchers additionally use atom interferometry as a method of gaining knowledge of basic questions in quantum mechanics. Atom Interferometry includes contributions from theoretical and experimental physicists on the vanguard of this quickly constructing box. Editor Paul R. Berman comprises an exceptional stability of historical past fabric and up to date experimental results,providing a normal assessment of atom interferometry and demonstrating the promise that it holds for the longer term. Key positive aspects * comprises contributions from the various study teams that experience pioneered this rising box * Discusses and demonstrates new features of the wave nature of atoms * Explains the various vital functions of atom interferometry, from a dimension of the gravitational consistent to atom lithography * Examines functions of atom interferometry to essentially vital quantum mechanics difficulties

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3(t))7- 2 (15) is given by the average acceleration of the first and last gratings. Because of these time-dependent phase shifts, vibrations of the gratings can wash out the fringe pattern if it is not observed on a sufficiently short time scale. Following Eq. (5) we separately consider the positions at the time of passage through the middle grating and the subsequent displacements A x = x(t - z) - x(t) of the gratings during the passage of a particle through the interferometer. The displacements zLrT are also assumed to be Gaussian distributed (variance or2with orT orx O)vibT/V2 for ('Ovib'/"<< 1).

1991b). , 1995). The areas in the PMMA exposed by the e-beam writer are washed away with a mixture of methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK) and isopropanol (IPA). , 199 l b), leaving a free-standing pattern of slots in the silicon nitrate membrane (Fig. 4). 8 mm. OPTICS AND INTERFEROMETRY 13 B. , 1995a). Diffraction patterns for a pure Na 2 b e a m and a mixed N a - N a 2 beam, obtained using a 100 nm grating, are shown in Fig. 6. Note that the various atomic diffraction orders are sufficiently separated to permit easy identification of the intermediate m o l e c u l a r diffraction peaks at half the atomic diffraction angle (Fig.

14). It is important to note that, unlike photons in vacuum, the coherence length and wave packet size for matter waves are not the same, except perhaps at specific points in time. This is because the vacuum is dispersive for matter waves. /~ FWHM) at the source. But, by the time a minimum uncertainty wave packet that could be created at the source reaches the third grating (where the interference "occurs"), its length - OPTICS AND INTERFEROMETRY 33 30 25 20150 ~ - 105 0 ~- -100 , ~ , , , I -50 , , ~ , I 0 .

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