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Epic delusion within the culture of Trudi Canavan, Fiona McIntosh and Robert Jordan. 1000 years in the past, the folks of Achar drove the Forbidden from their lands. yet now the northern tribes of the Ravensbund are fleeing south back, with nightmarish stories of creatures who feed upon the fear in their prey. wintry weather has come early, and with it the promise of warfare. Axis, bastard son of the lifeless Princess Rivkah, is shipped north to the battlefront at Gorkenfort along with his elite Axe-Wielders. as soon as there, he needs to surrender command to his hated half-brother, Borneheld, Duke of Ichar and inheritor to the throne. yet through the lengthy trip Axis falls in love with Faraday -- Borneheld's betrothed -- and unearths himself reassessing the very essence of his ideals. With the destiny of the realm putting within the stability, Axis needs to unite the feuding lands lower than one banner sooner than it really is too past due and the evil emerging within the north engulfs all of them for strong.

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Then she flipped over and began washing her protruding stomach. "But it doesn't answer the question," Moryson said, his voice revealing the strain he was under, "why did they want Rivkah's body? " Jayme did not, could not, answer. The cat stretched and sat for a moment, regarding them both with level blue eyes. Then she rose to her feet and stepped languidly over to the door, scratching to be let out. Moryson obliged. Faraday's Betrothal so Faraday sat at the lead-paned window in her father's apartment and gazed down at the activities in the palace courtyard below her.

Priam looked at Jayme. "Brother-Leader, I am most sorry, but most of the brothers were slaughtered as they sought to flee. Only two escaped with their lives. The carriage was . . " He fell silent for a moment. " Priam's voice dropped to a whisper and his face blanched to a sickly yellow. "It appears that these creatures had two specific purposes in attacking the Retreat. " Jayme's head sank down to rest on the table and his shoulders shuddered once, heavily. "First . . first," Priam's voice almost broke, and he had to clear his throat; Jayme pushed himself back upright and stared at Priam.

And Borneheld! Axis shoved his axe into his weapon belt with a furious thrust. He rarely disagreed with Jayme and had never raised his voice to him in anger before, but now he'd made a disastrous decision and Axis meant to tell him so, Brother-Leader or not. He brushed past Isend and Borneheld talking in low tones in the corridor. Surely the dandified Isend wasn't offering to fight alongside him? As far as Axis knew the closest he'd ever come to a weapon was the fruit knife that he constantly carried with him, hanging from his begemmed belt on a small silver chain.

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