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By W. Opferkuch, M. Segerling (auth.), Noorbibi K. Day, Robert A. Good (eds.)

Interest in supplement built on the finish of the 19th century from observations on mobile and humoral security mechanisms opposed to micro organism. It used to be famous at the moment that there have been components in physique fluids of animals and guy that have been in a position to killing and lysing micro organism within the absence of mobile components. because of the efforts of 2 of the founders of immunology, Bordet and Ehrlich, and their colleagues, by means of 1912 the multicomponent nature of supplement motion was once good well-known, the series of response of the parts within the lysis of erythrocytes was once outlined, supplement fixation as an enormous device for learning antibody-antigen interplay was once good verified, and stories at the physicochemical houses of the elements have been began. but, with a number of impressive exceptions, study on supplement was once mostly deserted by means of so much "mainstream" immunologists for the next or 3 a long time. while one appears on the contents of the current quantity, it truly is difficult to visualize that as lately as two decades in the past, there have been most likely fewer than ten significant laboratories the place supplement study used to be the first subject matter. The contents attest to the truth that there are at the present time dozens of laboratories on 3 continents the place study on supplement is pursued intensive. it isn't effortless to indicate to the entire advances that experience happened in supplement study in the past few years.

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Thus, CRP is remarkably similar to immunoglobulins in its ability to react with and activate the C system, and has been so represented in Figure 1. It is of interest that, as a naturally occurring host factor with a widely distributed binding specificity(ies) and the capacity to activate the C system to its full biological potential, CRP fits well into the philosophical framework drawn by Pillemer et al. (1954) for properdin at the time of its discovery. 7. Activation of the Primary C Pathway at the Level of Clr The C1r subcomponent of C1 has been postulated to be both a bridge between C1q and CIs and the protease responsible for the enzymatic activation of Cis (Naif and Ratnoff, 1968; de Bracco and Stroud, 1971; Ziccardi and Cooper, 1976).

Description of a three polypeptide chain structure, J. Exp. Med. 140: 1324. , Ohanian, S. , 1975, Chemotherapeutic drugs increase killing of tumor cells by antibody and complement, Science 188:55. , and Stroud, R. , 1972, Ultrastructure of the human complement component, Clq, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. A. 69:65. Shin, H. , and Mayer, M. , 1968, The third component of guinea pig complement. II. Kinetic study of the reaction of EAC 42a with guinea pig C3. Enzymatic nature of C3 consumption, multiphasic character of fixation, and hemolytic titration of C3, Biochemistry 7:2997.

1975a), which include lipoproteins (Lint and Behrends, 1976). Polycations such as polY-L-lysine enhance reactive lysis by counteracting C567-INH, while polyanions such as dextran sulfate share C567-INH activity (McLeod et al .. 1975b; Baker et al.. 1975). , 1976). , 1975c; Behrends et al .. , 1976). Thus, it is likely that C567 is generated when C5 is activated in solution, either by earlier-acting C components or other means, but inhibited by C567-INH from binding to bystander cells. , 1976).

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