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By John D. MacDonald

One other bestseller starring Travis McGee, a true American hero--and probably the megastar of a brand new motion picture franchise! Reissue.

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He had a drinker's puffiness, not far advanced, but enough to alert the observant and the wary. But the mists had lifted. " he asked. " "You found him. Maybe I'm not as hungry as I have to be. " "I'm doing a favor for a man. For a fee. He trusts my judgment and my knowledge of Florida land values. He just came into a very big piece of money. He wants to put half of it in securities and half in land. A broker is working up a portfolio for him. I'm ... " "No. If I could locate something good, a very promising investment, something in the eight or nine hundred thousand range, he'll give me ten thousand finder's fee.

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