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By Serena Bianchetti, Michele Cataudella, Hans-Joachim Gehrke

Brill's spouse to historical Geography edited through S. Bianchetti, M. R. Cataudella, H. J. Gehrke is the 1st choice of experiences on ancient geography of the traditional international that makes a speciality of a range of issues thought of an important for realizing the improvement of geographical notion. during this paintings, students, all of whom are experts in a number of fields, learn the interplay of people with their surroundings and take a look at to reconstruct the representations of the inhabited international within the works of old historians, scientists, and cartographers. subject matters contain: Eudoxus, Dicaearchus, Eratosthenes, Hipparchus, Agatharchides, Agrippa, Strabo, Pliny and Solinus, Ptolemy, and the Peutinger Map. different matters also are mentioned similar to onomastics, the limits of states, Pythagorism, sacred itineraries, dimension structures, and the Holy Land.

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Herodotus’ notion of Europe is clearly differentiated. 8b; 10b; cf. 108). Finally, as a continent, the term Europe covers the entire landmass lying opposite Asia. 49 48 On the history of the geographical concepts of Europe see Berger 1907. 49 Cf. Prontera 2009; Rollinger, and Ruffing 2013, esp. 147–150 with further references. CHAPTER 2 The Sea of the Greeks and Romans Pietro Janni From the start, Greek geography necessarily consisted of thalassography in equal measure. If doing geography means building up a picture of the earth’s surface which goes beyond what is immediately perceptible, or within the range of short journeys, then for the Greeks geography meant first and fore­ most the interplay between land and sea, the observation and investigation of how sea and land interacted and of how the one penetrated the other.

52 The actual existence and identity 49 On the Phocaeans and their pioneering navigations to the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Seas, to Iberia and Tartessus, Hdt. 11. The rivalry with the Carthaginians (and the Etruscans) in the West Mediterranean led to the battle of Alalia (about 540 BC), which put an end to the Phocaean thalassocracy, Hdt. 166. On the complex of myths about the Pillars of Hercules, Antonelli 1997; Braccesi 2003, 164–178; Rouillard 2009. , Nem. 69, Ol. 44. , see Bernardini 2009, containing numerous references.

The only nation to the north of the Istros that Herodotus refers to is the Sigynnae, who live in the vicinity of the Veneti. 9). Fanciful stories is not what Herodotus wants to offer. 115). Herodotus endeavoured to distinguish reliable or plausibly deduced geographical knowledge from unconfirmed sources and speculations. 21 It would be a mistake to assume that a complete and overall consistent picture of the world could be assembled on the basis of the Histories, the more so as Herodotus himself maintained a critical distance to maps of the ancient world.

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