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Children's Interests Mothers' Rights: The Shaping of America s Child Care Policy

A finished background of kid care coverage and perform within the united states from the colonial interval to the current. It attracts on a number of archival fabric to illustrate why the present baby care method advanced because it has and locations its historical past inside of a wide comparative context.

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Winner of the S. Mariella Gable Award from Graywolf Press, she has coedited two anthologies of nonfiction for W. W. Norton. She divides her time between upstate New York and the Olympic Peninsula. W. G. Sebald ROBERT POTTS. Co-editor of Poetry Review magazine and Politics Editor of the Times Literary Supplement.

F. Powys PHILIP HAYDN BEUNO FRANCIS PARRY. Professor and writer. Parry is a graduate of the University of Bristol, of the University of Birmingham’s Shakespeare Institute, and of the University of St Andrews. He has taught at the last institution since 1976 where he specializes in Shakespeare studies (and has written about cross-dressing, boy actors, and color-blind casting); twentiethcentury British and American drama; and in theater history and dramaturgical theory. He has also written and directed plays that have been performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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