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Watchpoints Some debuggers support a kind of breakpoint called a watch or a watchpoint. A watchpoint is a conditional breakpoint that is not associated with any particular line, but with a variable. A watchpoint is useful when you would like to pause whenever a certain variable's value changes. Searching through your code, looking for every line that changes the variable's value, and setting breakpoints on those lines, would be both laborious and error-prone. Watchpoints allow you to avoid all of that by associating a breakpoint with a variable rather than a point in the source code.

By convention, values defined using #define are named in uppercase with "_" separators, this makes it clear to readers that the values is not alterable and and in the case of macros, that the construct requires care. Although doing so is not a requirement, it is considered very bad practice to do otherwise. This allows the values to be easily identified when reading the source code. Try to use const and inline instead of #define. \ (line continuation) If for some reason it is needed to break a given statement into more than one line, use the \ token.

2) to suspend or pause execution of the program at places of your chosing. 3) while the program is paused, to issue various commands in order to examine and change the internal state of the program. 4) to resume (or continue) execution. Debuggers come in two flavors console-mode (or simply console) debuggers and visual or graphical debuggers. Console debuggers are often a part of the language itself, or included in the language's standard libraries. The user interface to a console debugger is the keyboard and a console-mode window (Microsoft Windows users know this as a "DOS console").

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