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Choosing C or C++ It is not uncommon to find someone defending C over C++ (or vice versa) or complaining about some features of these languages. There is no scientific evidence to put a language above another in general terms; the only reason that does have some traction is the possibility of deep changes or unknown bugs in a language that is still very recent. In the case of C or C++ this is not the case, as both languages are very mature. Though both are still evolving, the new features keep a high level of compatibility with old code, making the use of those new constructs a programmer’s decision.

Most of the conventions governing files derive from historical preferences and practices, that are especially related with lower level languages that preceded C++. This is especially true when we take into consideration that C++ was built over the C89 ANSI standard, with compatibility in mind, this has lead to most practices remaining static, except for the operating systems improved support for files and greater ease of management of file resources. One of the evolutions when dealing with filenames on the language standard was that the default include files would have no extension.

Reserved identifiers include keywords with two consecutive underscores (__), all that start with an underscore followed by an uppercase letter and some other categories of reserved identifiers carried over from the C library specification. htm#ReservedIdentifiers Source code Source code is the halfway point between human language and machine code. As mentioned before, it can be read by people to an extent, but it can also be parsed (converted) into machine code by a computer. The machine code, represented by 19 H T T P :// W W W .

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