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By John W. Mangrum, Steve Miller

Mysterious Carnival rolls into city from the Mists, the place it astounds, entertains, and infrequently repulses the locals sooner than disappearing back. This eerie sideshow is an notorious characteristic of the Demiplane of Dread, but Carnival can seem and encourage dread in any AD&D crusade trying to find a bit twist of horror. contains the freakish population of the touring convey, experience hooks, and principles for turning participant characters into terrifying freaks, may still they linger too lengthy one of the tents and wagons of Carnival.

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He urges the heroes to help him investigate the Carnival. (In truth, he has heard of the leaendarv Wood'n-Head. ) ~~~~~~~~ 1 Naturally, the heroes catch Wood'n-Head's act. Tinda! is the barker, and the Brute assists. When Tindal asks for a "volunteer" who can handle a sword, Dyak urges a hero to answer (offering money or making a "friendly wager" if necessary. ) When the hero is onstage, Tindal explains that he or But it is not part of the show. As Tindal hustles the other Georges away, the Brute grabs the volunteer, and other Troupers swarm the heroes with daggers drawn.

Some of Pacali's crew seem to blame lsolde for Twistina. i don't quite aaree with their thinkina. but it is strangethat she herselfkn't affected. At leasc'if she is affected in some way, nobodv can auess what it is. Once you see her, ybu'li know whail mean, she's that beautiful. But if the Twisting affects everything, even animals, even flowers, why would it leave lsolde untouched? It's a question we Troupers ask each other all the time. Most of us agree that the Twisting manifests one's inner flaws and foibles physically, so more than a few Troupers believe that lsolde simply has no inner flaws!

0,you're still wondering who lsolde really is. She has never come right out and con- fessed, and none of us risk asking. One should never pry into the privateaffairs of a lady, I like to say. Still, a man can't help but wonder. Without a doubt, she's our guardian angel, but don't make a fool of yourself by taking this notion too literally. The Skurra may hold precisely that opinion, but I don't buy into it. They're just picking at the same crumbs as allthe rest of us and making their best guess.

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