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This quantity is dedicated to the distinction of the use use of floor, skinny movie and interface characterization instruments in aid of silicon-based semiconductor processing. The strategy taken is to think about all the different types of movies utilized in silicon units separately in its personal bankruptcy and to debate average difficulties noticeable all through that motion pictures' heritage, together with characterization instruments that are such a lot successfully used to clarifying and fixing these difficulties.

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86'87 Overall interface abruptness in RTCVDdeposited Si 1- ^Ge x films has been estimated at <10 A using this technique. 87 RBS has been used to study the Ge outdiffusion from Si1 _*Gex layers during postdeposition processing. The Ge diffusion coefficient in silicon has been determined as a function of temperature, and a 33-A diffusion length for a 950 0C, 1-h anneal has been estimated. 1 um thick, SIMS has been the impurity profiling technique of choice for Si1 _xGex/Si heterostructures. 7 Summary A broad array of characterization techniques have been applied to silicon-based epitaxial films.

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