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This brief heritage of China contains a new preface, extra illustrations and a extra reader-friendly structure.

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The Chinese version, since its publication in Taipei in late 1993, continues to circulate well. Its Japanese translation has gone into a second printing. The Korean edition, having been in preparation for some time, will come out soon. I have just seen the proofs of the mainland Chinese edition in simplified characters. Mr. Shen Changwen, formerly of Sanlian publishers and the Dushu Monthly, has been trying hard for years to bring forth such an edition. As editor of Dushu, he also reprinted chapter 20 in the August 1993 issue of his eminent magazine.

Cm. " Includes index.  paper).  Title. 48-1984. BM(c) 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 BM(p) 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Page iii For Mark and Murray Bilo and Biyang Stanley and Steve Raymond and Jefferson Page v Contents Maps and Chronological Tables vii Preface to the Turn of the Century Edition ix Original Preface to the 1988 Edition xvii 1. Xi'an and the Loess Land 3 2. The Second Sage and the First Emperor 12 3. Soil, Wind, and Water 23 4. Behind the Terracotta Army 31 5. The First Empire: Establishing the Standard 41 6.

Prolonged Disunity 69 8. When Historical Components Sprawled Far and Wide 78 9. On the Road to Reunification 87 10. The Second Empire: A Breakthrough That Failed to Materialize 98 11. The Northern Song: A Daring Experiment 120 12. West Lake and the Southern Song 138 13. The Mongolian Interlude 156 14. The Ming: An Introverted and Noncompetitive State 169 Page vi 15. The Late Ming 186 16. The Role of the Manchus 204 17. 1800: A Point for Reflection 218 18. From the Opium War to the Self-Strengthening Movement 227 19.

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