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Publication by way of Bettelheim, Charles, Burton, Neill G.

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It was a very rare event. 25 I therefore composed this: 155 mata kikazu togaeru yama no mine narade sudatasesomuru niwa no matsu ga e Unheard of before: bringing chicks up from nestlings not in the mountains where they go to molt, but in the boughs of a garden pine! 26 I went south first to Shūon’an in Takigi near Yawata, where the reverend monk Ikkyū passed away, to light incense and an 5973 Horton / THE JOURNAL OF SOCHO / sheet 62 of 383   nounce my departure. 27 As I took my leave, regretting our parting, I composed this: 156 nagaraeba mata mo noboran miyakobito motonaku negau koto shi aru rō Should I live so long, people of the capital, I will come again— there is no need to make a special request of this old one!

114 Since it was impossible to arrange for palanquins, I considered returning to Yamada, but the rain and wind were incessant, so I stayed near Kajisai’s residence: 16 azusayumi oshite harusame kyō mo furu asu mo furu to te yado ya sadamen Today too spring rain, recalling catalpa bows that one bends to string. No doubt rain tomorrow too— shall I take up lodgings here? 115 By this I meant that if it were going to continue raining, I would stay on in luxury. I wrote that poem and others in a haikai vein, littering them about my inkstone.

A Letter to Sōseki Sōseki went to the province of Tsu and back without sending me word. I recalled that old poem of Seiin Sōzu on the first wind in Ikuta and sent to Sōseki the following:155 36 kimi sumaba towamashi mono o yamashiro no iwata no mori no yuki no shitakaze Were you here, good sir, then I would call upon you. 156 Year’s End I hope to end my days at Shūon’an. 2 39 ito haya mo tani no to ide yo matsu sato no hitokata naranu haru no uguisu Make haste and come forth from your valley door!

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