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Fantastic Spiritualities: Monsters, Heroes, and the Contemporary Religious Imagination

During this paintings Jobling argues that non secular sensibility within the Western international is in a strategy of transformation, yet that we see the following swap, now not decline, and that the creation and intake of the wonderful in pop culture deals an illuminating window onto non secular tendencies and prerequisites. She examines 4 significant examples of the wonderful style: the Harry Potter sequence (Rowling), His darkish fabrics (Pullman), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Whedon) and the Earthsea cycle (Le Guin), demonstrating that the religious universes of those 4 iconic examples of the wonderful are literally marked via profoundly modernistic assumptions, elevating the query of simply how modern spiritualities (often deemed postmodern) navigate philosophically the waters of fact, morality, authority, selfhood and the divine.

Traveling spirits : migrants, markets and mobilities

Keeping and forging spiritual networks throughout borders have lengthy been a part of migrants' actions. even though, as a result of the broad availability of communique applied sciences and the diminished bills of transportation, transnational social practices, together with spiritual actions, have witnessed an incredible intensification within the previous few many years worldwide.

The Protestant-Jewish Conundrum: Studies in Contemporary Jewry, Volume XXIV

Quantity XXIV of the celebrated annual stories in modern Jewry explores kin among Jews and Protestants nowa days. faraway from monolithic, Protestantism has innumerable groupings inside of it, from the loosely equipped spiritual Society of pals to the conservative Evangelicals of the Bible Belt, all of which carry more than a few perspectives on theology, social difficulties, and politics.

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The biblical text itself refers to several sources, now lost, such as the Book of Jashar, the Annals of the Kings of Israel, the Records of the Prophet Nathan, and the Records of the Seer Gad. In addition to these named sources, it is clear that the author of the books of Chronicles used Samuel and Kings as a source, and many other examples of literary dependence are evident as well. In the New Testament, most scholars believe that the authors of Matthew and Luke used Mark and another, lost source called Q (from the German Quelle, “source”).

Although Judaism and Islam are the largest religious traditions with direct historical connections to 41 Basic Questions Contents | Chapter 1: start | end Christianity, other religions have also drawn from, or in one case contributed to, Christianity. E. ; the contributions of Zoroastrianism to Christianity will be considered in the next chapter). Christianity, in turn, has influenced many younger religious traditions, in addition to Islam, including Bahá’í. Santería, Haitian Vodou, and Rastafari.

Santería, Haitian Vodou, and Rastafari. Different Types of Christianity The traditional division of Christianity into three large subgroups-Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and Protestantismhas the advantage of identifying the three largest groups of Christian denominations, but it lumps together many people who would not identify themselves closely with others in the group (particularly within the Protestant designation), and it masks a large diversity of opinion regarding faith and practice (again, largely within the Protestant group).

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