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By Vladimir Betina

This paintings contains elements, half A: options and half B: purposes. partially A an important ideas of pattern training, extraction, clean-up, and of verified and potential chromatographic options are mentioned in terms of mycotoxins. partially B an important info, scattered within the literature, on thin-layer, liquid, and gasoline chromatography of mycotoxins were compiled. Mycotoxins are regularly prepared in keeping with households, equivalent to aflatoxins, trichothecenes, lactones and so on. Chromatography of person vital mycotoxins and multi-mycotoxin chromatographic analyses also are integrated. functions are provided in 3 chapters dedicated to thin-layer, liquid, and gasoline chromatography of mycotoxins.

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The non-fluorescent trichothecenes may be detected by chemical derivatisation. T - 2 toxin, for example, appears as a grey-blue fluorescent spot after spraying with 20 per cent concentrated sulphuric acid in methanol and heating at llO°C for 3 to 4 minutes. Alternatively, T-2 toxin will afford a bright blue fluorescence if treated with a mixture of aluminium chloride (in water:ethanol, 1:l) and chromotropic acid (in concentrated sulphuric acid:water, 5 : 3 ) followed by heating at 110OC. The natural fluorescence of sterigmatocystin may be enhanced, to afford a bright yellow spot, by spraying with a 24 percent solution of aluminium chloride in 9 5 percent aqueous 28 ethanol and heating at 105'C for 10 minutes.

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The sample band should be sharp at the top of the column. Some samples may not dissolve, however, in the mobile phase. In this case the sample is usually dissolved in a more polar solvent (solvent of greater elution strength in adsorption chromatography) that may affect column equilibration and may decrease resolution. In this case, the 44 sample dissolved in a more polar solvent is added to a small amount of column packing material and the solvent is removed. This is then packed on the top of the column bed.

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