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By Alfred Adler

V. 2. magazine articles : 1898-1909 / new translations by way of Gerald L. Liebenau

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There is no denying that those engaged in the tailor trade are afflicted with illnesses that occur in that trade, something that must be considered in any explanation for such striking statistics. Specifically, the fact that those engaged in tailoring are always seated and their bodies constantly stooped over must be taken into account. The effect is that the gaseous exchange in the lungs is deficient and that lung ventilation is impeded. Added to this is that workers exert a minimum of physical effort and are confined to closed quarters.

Eventually, when we discover that the life expectancy of tailors at that time was only 33-48 years, we are appalled, but not surprised. In his next two articles, The Penetration of Social Forces into Medicine and An Academic Chair for Social Medicine, published in 1902, Adler argues for expanding state health care and prevention programs. He amplifies this message in his 1903 article State Aid or Self Help. His eloquent appeal for effective medical insurance, nearly a century ago, seems remarkably fresh and timely today in the midst of our managed care crisis.

It can contribute to developing lung diseases, particularly tuberculosis. Yet, even the dust cannot explain our high statistics. Constantly being indoors also contributes to aggravating the situation and, with regard to tuberculosis, places the tailor in a more vulnerable position than workers in other trades who enjoy fresh air. However, an understanding of these frightful statistics can only be gained with knowing how tailors live. They endure a low standard of living, are undernourished, and abide in crowded, small and dirty quarters that lack ventilation.

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