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Velociraptors are usually not the most important dinosaurs, nor the most powerful, nor the scariest. A tyrannosaur can consume a tribe of velociraptors for dinner, a brachiosaur shakes the earth with each footstep, and a kronosaur can swallow a ship complete. but velociraptors are the main feared of all dinosaurs, for a unmarried cause: they're smarter than people. Homo sapiens' tool-using opposable thumb is its in simple terms virtue over velociraptor mongoliensis. yet in online game worlds the place raptors can become aware of people and their instruments, the raptors research quick, and some great benefits of a thumb minimize with each passing day. If you have ever desired to comprise history's so much crafty predator on your video game, this can be your probability. the entire advisor to Velociraptors is a stand-alone complement that gives an exhaustive examine velociraptors. This booklet is world-neutral, so it may be used with a Broncosaurus Rex crusade, or ported to the other d20 international. This e-book makes use of the 3.0 version of the d20 principles set, and is totally suitable with the world’s most well liked position taking part in online game.

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Characters who are spotted will be pelted with stones. Entrances. The first entrance to the den is at an elevation of 500 feet. The ledge widens in front of the entrance, and there is room there for up to six raptors to sit and enjoy the sun (which they frequently do). Regardless of weather, there is always at least one raptor at the ledge on lookout duty. The second entrance is at a slightly higher elevation. The ledge leading to it has slowly eroded over the years and is no longer passable by normal means.

In fantasy campaigns, it is a ring of jumping; in Broncosaurus Rex, it is a generator for + 1 kinetic field armor (save +3 vs. physical, +0 vs. energy), though it is nonfunctional until it is recharged. 7. Storage Room. 300 pounds of sun-dried "dino jerky" is stacked haphazardly here in 5 to 15 lb. chunks. About 100 lbs. of meat is suitable for human consumption; about 100 pounds is quite stale but still edible by raptor standards; and about 100 pounds is evidence that nobody has cleaned the room in many years.

This is where most of the tribe sleeps and rests. It stinks. Upon entering, characters must make a Fort save against DC 7 or be nauseated for 1d4 rounds. Characters from uncivilized backgrounds - including barbarians, wild ones, halfores, and monstrous characters - are unaffected by the stench. The floor is covered with a six-inch-deep layer of skins, feathers, mosses, leaves, and other bedding materials which has built up over years and years of occupation. In the center of the room is a firepit with a dim fire.

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