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11ms there came into being a large group of men who by ancestry and sometimes by educa� tion were aristocrats, but who in poverty and in position came near to sharing the lot of the common people. It was such reduced scions of the aristocracy who made up, . m th e first instance at least, the class of impoverished shih ( ± ) , which played such an important role during the latter part of the Cho u dynasty. Some of them were warriors, bravos with swords for hire. Others were officers or clerks at the various courts.

The fact that Mencius said Con fucius had been minister of crime merely shows that, a fter a hundred years, the Confucian legend was beginning to grow. After several of his disciples had posts in the government of Lu it must have become increasingly awkward for all concerned that Confucius, who desired one so fervently, had none. c. ' " He evaded the question, pointing out that by merely being a good citizen one made a contribution to government; he may have been as embarrassed for his disciples as for himself.

As long as this duke lived Ch'i dominated the government of Lu, and Lu finally had to ask aid of Chin to regain its independence. Thus it went, with Lu as the pawn of whatever state was powerful at the moment. Yet it is not to be supposed that Lu was a poor suffering innocent. Trembling before the great states, Lu lorded it over smaller ones, invading, looting, extinguishing, and annex­ ing them whenever it was able to do so. The internal politics of Lu presented an aspect that was com­ mon to other states as well.

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