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Fantastic Spiritualities: Monsters, Heroes, and the Contemporary Religious Imagination

During this paintings Jobling argues that non secular sensibility within the Western international is in a means of transformation, yet that we see right here switch, no longer decline, and that the construction and intake of the glorious in pop culture deals an illuminating window onto non secular tendencies and stipulations. She examines 4 significant examples of the wonderful style: the Harry Potter sequence (Rowling), His darkish fabrics (Pullman), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Whedon) and the Earthsea cycle (Le Guin), demonstrating that the religious universes of those 4 iconic examples of the wonderful are literally marked via profoundly modernistic assumptions, elevating the query of simply how modern spiritualities (often deemed postmodern) navigate philosophically the waters of fact, morality, authority, selfhood and the divine.

Traveling spirits : migrants, markets and mobilities

Holding and forging spiritual networks throughout borders have lengthy been a part of migrants' actions. notwithstanding, end result of the broad availability of conversation applied sciences and the diminished charges of transportation, transnational social practices, together with spiritual actions, have witnessed a massive intensification within the previous few a long time around the globe.

The Protestant-Jewish Conundrum: Studies in Contemporary Jewry, Volume XXIV

Quantity XXIV of the celebrated annual stories in modern Jewry explores kinfolk among Jews and Protestants nowa days. faraway from monolithic, Protestantism has innumerable groupings inside of it, from the loosely geared up spiritual Society of acquaintances to the conservative Evangelicals of the Bible Belt, all of which carry a number of perspectives on theology, social difficulties, and politics.

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Sexuality is decentred, Conceptualising Intimacy and Friendship 45 highlighting the flexible and changeable nature of all modes of intimacy. It opens the way to more flexibility and choice. In late modernity, intimacy is based on pleasure, autonomy and freedom from constraints. As part of this, a plastic sexuality emerges which functions as a symbol of individual identity and radical sexual choices. This approach establishes the temporary nature of relationships, the conditional nature of commitment and a disconnection of sex from reproduction and family duty.

This is approached by examining the distinctive attributes and affordances of each medium that foster an affiliation between technical and emotional dimensions of personal communication as mediated interaction. The second section provides an account of Castell’s (2009) concept of mass self-communication to highlight the changing quality of communication and develop the notion of media multiplicity. The third section extends the theme by examining the implications of the polycentrality of media.

A great appeal of this medium, then, is that it seems to be unobtrusive and can foster a strong sense of personal control over the technology in a way that immediate synchronous mediums of communication rule out. Broadbent explains that this is why people often give out their Facebook address to others more readily than their email address. Yet, as detailed in Chapter 7 on Internet dating, the News Feed feature can be especially intrusive and distressing such as when someone is struggling to cope with a relationship break-up and discovers that their ex-partner has changed their relationship status overnight and posted details and photos of their new partner on News Feed to celebrate a new relationship (see Gershon 2010).

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