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It is not definitive medical treatment for envenoming. Once in a hospital equipped to treat the bite with antivenom, if necessary, then all first aid should be removed after initial tests and precautions are taken. The details of these may be found in the following section on "Medical Treatment of Bites and Stings". In summary, the pressure immobilisation method of first aid is: • Apply a firm broad bandage or similar (even clothing strips or pantyhose will do in an emergency) over the bite site, at the same pressure as for a sprain.

First Aid for Other Spider Bites • As for red back spider bite. NOTE: For Mouse Spiders, first aid as per Funnel Web Spiders. Spiders Necrotic Arachnidism This condition encompasses a broad spectrum of responses to spider bite, from very mild local skin damage through to major skin damage and systemic illness. It is a phenomenon seen in many parts of the world, but particularly in the Americas, where it is caused by the recluse spiders (Loxosceles reclusa, L. laeta, L. gaucho and others; "Loxoscelism").

Nerve or tendon damage can occur. The venom causes intense local pain, which is heat susceptible, hence the value of hot water immersion as first aid. Always check the wound for foreign bodies, allow to close by secondary intention and consider prophylactic antibiotics. The severe local pain may require major analgesia or regional nerve block. There is no antivenom. Stinging fish Many fish have venomous spines, which can cause severe local pain and occasionally, as in the case of stonefish, possible systemic symptoms.

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