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By John N. Abelson, Melvin I. Simon

This can be the Cumulative topic Index for Methods in Enzymology Volumes 228 and 230–262. it is going to complement the Methods in Enzymology Index Volumes 33, seventy five, ninety five, a hundred and twenty, a hundred and forty, a hundred seventy five, 199, and 229. In additionto the topic Index, this quantity contains the whole contents of every quantity listed and a Contributor's Index

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MAZUR, AND M. D. PIERSCHBACHER 556 V O L U M E 246 BIOCHEMICAL SPECTROSCOPY Kenneth Sauer 1. Which Spectroscopy? KENNETH SAUER t S e c t i o n I. U l t r a v i o l e t / V i s i b l e S p e c t r o s c o p y 2. Optical Spectroscopy: General Principles and Overview A. Absorption IGNACIOTINOCO, JR. 13 and Circular Dichroism 3. Absorption and Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy of Nucleic Acid Duplexes and Triplexes DONALD M. GRAY, Su-HwI HUNG, AND KENNETH H. JOHNSON 4. Circular Dichroism 5. Bioinorganic Spectroscopy ROBERT W.

DAUCH, V. DIVE, B. VINCENT, 567 579 AND J. P. VINCENT 593 JACQUES BOUVIER, PASCAL SCHNEIDER, AND ROBERT ETGES 614 37. Leishmanolysin: Surface Metalloproteinase of Leishmania 38. Immunoglobulin A-Metallo-Type Specific Prolyl Endopeptidases ANDREW G. PLAUT AND ANDREW WRIGHT 634 39. Tetanus and Botulism Neurotoxins: Isolation and Assay GIAMPIETRO SCHIAVO AND CESARE MONTECUCCO 643 40. Human Carboxypeptidase N: Lysine Carboxypeptidase RANDALA. SKIDGEL 41. Human Carboxypeptidase M FULONO TAN, PETER A.

Use of Steady State Kinetic Methods to Elucidate Kinetic and Chemical Mechanisms of Retroviral Proteases THOMAS D. MEEK, EVELYN J. RODRIGUEZ, AND THELMA S. ANGELES 10. X-Ray Structures of Retroviral Proteases and Their Inhibitor-Bound Complexes DAGMAR R1NGE 11. Probing Structure-Function Relationships in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Protease via Molecular Dynamics Simulation WILLIAM E. , AND DAVID L. BEVER1DGE 12. Relationships of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Protcase with Eukaryotic Aspartic Proteases XIN-LI LIN, YING-ZHANG LIN, AND JORDAN TANG 104 127 157 178 195 Section III.

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