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By Ruth Sochard

DAGORLAD info the east marshes and the shadowy haunts of the sorceress, Miruimor. experience at the plains prior to the Gates of Mordor, the place roaming Orcs strike terror between unwary travelers.


South of the Wilderland and north of Mordor lies a broadly various panorama stretching from the scarps and cliffs of the western Emyn Muil throughout the swamps and marshes of Nindalf to the naked simple often called the Dagorlad (S. "Battle Plain"). as soon as those lands have been friendly sufficient, within the means of untamed locations, even supposing they have been by no means a lot preferred by means of settlers. The wetlands have been choked with all demeanour of waterfowl and alive with the songs of frogs and blackbirds. The region's waters gleamed with fish, and deer grazed the marsh grasses, afflicted in basic terms through the looking expeditions of the scattered tribes of Marshmen. those folks have been usually left on my own and missed by way of the wars and battles which raged approximately them, for his or her watery lands have regularly been too tough for a military to go with any velocity, and treacherous certainly for these now not born of the marshes.

Instead, tourists have regularly passed by approach of the vast simple ahead of the darkish gateway into Mordor. This expanse used to be coated with wild grains and different grasses which speedy sprang as much as conceal the continues to be of the good conflict fought right here on the finish of the second one Age. Grouse pecked and nested there, and wild livestock grazed. even if unsettled by way of males, those lands have been peaceable and fruitful till a number of hundred years in the past, while the Shadow started to descend upon them as soon as more.

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Camallin is now missing an eye as a reward for an escape attempt, and as Miruimor has pointed out to him, some of the finest Bards in history have been blind. So, she threatens, there is really no reason to let him keep the other one. He is taken out for "exercise" every evening: Duilin, the sadistic chief of the guards, orders some Orcs to chase him around the little garden with whips to keep the bard in shape. For Carangil, there are frequent threats of being returned by Feagwath to Dol Guldur.

Saddlery room. The grooms eat and lounge here also Store rooms. Filled with grain and hay and straw. Quarters of grooms. These are two 1st level Easterling fighters, hobbled with chains to prevent escape Waste Pit. 5' x 5'. This is an entryway to a very deep fissure (about 350') All manner of waste is discarded here If someone falls (') into it, roll a + 350 Fall/Crush attack (MERP, p 70, CST-2 and AT-5) Then the victim must stay afloat or drown horribly in the 30'of debris at the bottom. The sides are fairly smooth and very slimy.

In the afternoon (1 pm to 7 pm), D2 is on duty within the complex and D1 goes out on patrol until dark. The next day, in the mor- helping both Elves and men. He lived in Mirkwood for a time, healing all who asked him, and there became acquainted with the Wizard (S. "Istar") Radagast, who found in him some of the same love for all forms of life — except mankind — that is so much a part of Radagast's nature. Camlan is ever welcome at Rhosgobel, and is one of the few men who know of its location, but he has not visited Radagast in many years.

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