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By Max Hastings

Veterans of the bloodiest struggling with of the Russian entrance, 15,000 males with tanks and artillery, they have been hounded for each mile in their march by means of saboteurs of the Resistance and brokers of the Allied precise Forces. alongside their path they took reprisals so savage they'll reside eternally within the chronicles of the main appalling atrocities of battle. "My literary VC is going absolutely to Max Hastings for his Das Reich...the tale of a march that left at the back of a path of blood and dying, torture and heroism...the slaughter and burning to loss of life of 642 males, girls and youngsters of Oradour-sur-Glane...the putting of ninety nine civilians from the lamp-posts of Tulle as a reprisal for Maquis action." - "Sunday Telegraph".

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Intendants could not be natives of the districts where they held authority; thus they had no vested interest in their localities. They recruited men for the army, supervised the collection of taxes, presided over the administration of local law, checked up on the local nobility, and regulated economic activities—commerce, trade, the guilds, marketplaces— in their districts. They were to use their power for three related purposes: to inform the central government about their districts, to enforce royal orders, and to undermine the influence of the regional nobility.

Rubens studied the masters of the High Renaissance such as Michelangelo but developed his own style, which was characterized by animated figures, melodramatic contrasts, and monumental size. Rubens excelled in glorifying monarchs such as Queen Mother Marie de’ Medici of France (see the painting on page 409). He was also a devout Catholic; nearly half of his pictures treat Christian subjects. Yet one of Rubens’s trademarks was fleshy, sensual nudes who populate his canvases as Roman goddesses, water nymphs, and remarkably voluptuous saints and angels.

In some countries whole provinces held separate privileges granted when they became part of the kingdom. While some monarchs succeeded in breaking the power of these institutions and others were forced to concede political power to elected representatives, the situation was nuanced. Absolutist monarchs did not crush the power of nobles and other groups but rather had to compromise with them. Louis XIV, the model of absolutist power, succeeded because he co-opted and convinced nobles. And in England and the Netherlands constitutional government did not mean democracy, the rule of the people.

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