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Jamblique: Les mystères d’Egypte (Paris: Les Belles Le res, 1966) 42, 2–5; quoted in G. 4 (1999) 578). (31) Origen speaks about the resurrection as a transition from the body made-by-hands to the spiritual body not made-by-hands and its qualities in the De principiis III, 6, 4 (H. G rgemanns, H. ), Origenes vier Bücher von den Prinzipien (Darmstadt: Wissenscha liche Buchgesellscha , 1976) (Texte zur Forschung 24) 652–654). 14 Scrinium IV (2008). 32 Thus, it is not surprising that the Alexandrine school with its philosophical background and the heritage of such a Christian Platonist as Origen, who thoroughly used the ὄχημα doctrine, and the Antiochean school with its “Scriptural” bent could both understand the enigmatic “spiritual body” of Paul in terms of the Platonist doctrine of the ὄχημα.

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