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By Daniel Odier

Not anything can fit the explosive strength created within the physique by means of natural hope. Exploring the delicate concepts of Tantra that let the seeker to realize the triple mastery of the breath, proposal, and the common techniques of the physique, wish unearths the various mystery practices which were handed down within the significant Tantric treatises.

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They require no gadgetery, complex components or more space. they're effortless to do, make no calls for of notable actual power, and are thoroughly loose. known as the 'Yoga of the hands', Mudras are an excellent therapeutic device. they've been identified to avoid and medication health problems and, most significantly, slowly result in a religious regeneration.

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6H. Close the standing flow sequence with Prasarita Padottanasana. Bend forward and allow the head to hang in a relaxed fashion. Continue to engage the quadriceps to stra ighten the knees. G FLOW PR AC T I C E : S T A N D I N G P O S E S 45 Flow Practice H I P O P E N E RS AND F O RWA R D B E N D S You can integrate the hip openers and forward bends into Vinyasa after the standing poses or as a free-standing practice. Remember to warm up the muscles first with a few rounds of Surya Namaskar A, the foundation of Vinyasa Flow.

This a llows the cardiovascula r system to equilibrate. Repeat the Vinyasa . 6F. Finish this series with Headsta nd. With practice, you can learn to hold Sirsasan a for longer than five breaths. Come down and rest in Child's Pose and then repeat the Vinyasa to balance the body. Do not practice Headstand if you have a n injury or other pathology in the cervica l spine region. F F L O W P R A C T I C E . A R M B A L A N C E S AND I N V E R S I O N S 51 Flow Practice H A LA S A N A A N D S H O U L D E R STA N D We finish the series with Halasana (Plough Pose) and Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana).

Do this by gently engaging the abdominal muscles, activating the rectus and tnnsversus abdominis. Slightly squeeze the chest as well to contract the muscles that connect one rib to another: the internal intercostals. Activating the transversus abdominis increases intra-abdominal pressure. This increased pressure causes the abdominal organs to be lifted up against the diaphragm. aiding to empty the lungs. Contracting the internal intercostals brings the ribs closer together, thus decreasing the volume of the thorax (the chest) during exhalation.

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