Download Diaspora: Hard Science-Fiction Role-Playing With Fate by C. W. Marshall, Tim Dyke, Byron Kerr, Brad Murray PDF

By C. W. Marshall, Tim Dyke, Byron Kerr, Brad Murray

What is Diaspora?

Diaspora is a self-contained role-playing online game, with ideas for starship battles, person wrestle, social interplay, and platoon-scale engagement, in an unique technology fiction surroundings that you just support design.


Humans were in house tens of millions of years, and societies have risen and fallen such a lot of occasions that nobody recollects the place we come from.

Colonies are grouped in clusters of some structures attached through slipstreams – artifacts of the cosmos or even a forgotten expertise. basically the slipstreams permit trip quicker than gentle. except that, spacecraft make do with response drives, dumping warmth as most sensible they can.


Diaspora makes use of the destiny model three engine from Spirit of the Century. It includes great simplification and amendment of the SotC middle (reducing the Stunts process, for instance, to 4 pages) and the addition of a number of mini-games that may be run as self sufficient wargames exterior to the RPG itself. Of specific curiosity are the platoon-scale wargame which gives a whole miniatures sf/armour online game utilizing story-driving parts instead of simulation, and the 1st consultation atmosphere new release principles, which contain the gamers in addition to the GM in making a cluster of big name systems.


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Most characters will want at least one combat Skill and one space Skill, or will have a good story for why they do not. Agility—measures how fast, flexible, and dexterous a character is. Use Agility to throw for accuracy (opposed attack roll to hit someone with a rock), to dodge an attack (opposed roll against an attack roll), or to vault a fence (fixed difficulty). It is most typically used as a movement check in combat. Apex: an acrobat or similar athlete; his speed and precision of movement are legendary.

Though this Skill supplants combat Skills while in micro-gravity it does not confer any special familiarity with the weapons—checks to clear jams, disassemble, re-assemble, fix sights, or otherwise manipulate the weapon itself use the appropriate weapon skill. Apex: the MicroG specialist is completely at home in very low gravity, able to find a grip or brace on any surface and never making “up-bias” mistakes—he’ll pick whatever orientation is most advantageous at any time, using recoil to advantage and instinctively ignoring ballistics and coriolis effects.

In deep multi-collapse databases he might even be a kind of archaeologist, able to dredge up obscure ancient algorithms and craft them to the current purpose to great effect. Every problem looks like a computer problem to the Computer specialist, and it often is—he’s the guy that wired the airlock to ignore safety interlocks and blow those boarders out of the hull, and then fixed it afterwards. Culture/Tech—represents the facility of the character with culture and technology of a given system in the cluster.

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