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By J. Hoftijzer, K. Johgeling, Richard C. Steiner, Bezalel Porten, K. Jongeling

The North-West Semitic epigraphic contributes significantly to our figuring out of the previous testomony and of the Ugaritic texts and to our wisdom of the North-West Semitic languages as such. This dictionary in volumes is worried with the North-West Semitic fabric present in inscriptions, papyri and ostraca in Phoenician, Punic, Hebrew, numerous varieties of Aramaic, Ammonite, Edomite, the language of Deir Alla et cetera. the fabric covers the interval from ca. one thousand B.C. to ca. three hundred A.D. in addition to translations the entries contain discussions and whole references to scholarly literature. The ebook is a translated, up to date and significantly augmented version of Jean & Hoftijzer, Dictionnaire des inscriptions semitiques de l'ouest. The additions drawback newly stumbled on texts in addition to references to new scholarly literature. The publication is an quintessential device for learn in North-West Semitic epigraphy, at the outdated testomony and on Ugaritic texts, and for Semitic linguistics.

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