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By Phil Brucato, Roger Gaudreau, Jaymi Wiley, Jennifer Clodius, Jesse Heinig, S. John Ross

Welcome to the Web

Things swap quick in our on-line world. Years in the past, this residing measurement used to be the playground of an elite few. even though, the acceleration of the web, the unfold of cyber-culture and the good Crash of '97 (you suggest you haven't heard of it? Where've you been?) have shaken this "frontier" to its Otherworldly foundations. Here's your likelihood to take a tour.

There is going the Neighborhood

This revised, ransacked and carefully redone examine Mage's our on-line world stands by itself, now not simply as a moment variation, yet as an all-new examine the true web. This publication explores the geographical regions, humans and powers of the internet, and gives all-new principles for digital magick. The Ascension warfare maintains, even in our on-line world.

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O'course, we're still talking about flat-screen images here, so it felt pretty far removed from the person actually using or writing stuff. There was something else at work, I think. When you've got only words to work with, you can draw pictures in your own head. If I tell you that I want to live in a thatchroofed cottage with flowers in window boxes, kinda like Anne Hathaway's cottage near the River Avon, you get a picture in your head, right? I prolly don't even have to describe the flagstones in the path leading up to the front door, or the airy trees overhanging the edge of the roof.

At least if you're using words, people can draw pictures in their own heads. ), and it took all sorts of special permissions and privileges before you could even color in your own squares in a public sector. I mean, not only was this slower than text, it was uglier, too. But folks put some energy into it — mostly because it was "new" and "better" somehow, or maybe people thought it was easier to draw than write — and eventually, some of it actually started to look pretty decent. O'course, we're still talking about flat-screen images here, so it felt pretty far removed from the person actually using or writing stuff.

The original FREEKS were security programs. These mindless countermeasure progs can stun you, de-rez you, or scatter you into fractals, depending on what the System has been set to do. Some assholes set FREEKS loose just to watch the fun; buzzbombs and Neffies are notorious for that. • And there's always the spectre of another Great Crash, looming over the Web like Godzilla (the *real* one, thanks) on a bender. The last one came from outside and hit without warning. Who knows when or if another event will trigger that kind of shock wave again?

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