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Then he gave Sandecker an appraising stare. “As director of NUMA, Admiral, you'll have the dirty job of neutralizing this thing. ” Sandecker looked tired, his face drawn. ” “Then we better find it,” said the President, a touch of desperation in his voice. ” DEEP BENEATH THE MURKY WATERS of the James River, off the shoreline of Newport News, Virginia, a pair of divers struggled against the current as they burrowed their way through the muck packed against the rotting hull of the shipwreck. There was no sense of direction in the black dimensionless liquin.

Sandecker felt remiss at his inattentiveness. “That's a damned pretty dress,” he said, making a feeble attempt at looking attentive. ” “A nice match,” he came back vaguely. “You're hopeless, Jim Sandecker,” she said, shaking her head. " He shook his head as if to clear the cobwebs. ” He reached across the table almost shyly and held her hand. “For the rest of the evening, I'll focus my thoughts entirely on you. ” “Women are suckers for little boys who need mothering. ” “Mind your language, woman.

No sound came. The increasing water density soon crushed her chest cavity, Her lifeless body drifted into the waiting arms of the abyss ten thousand feet below. Dirk Pitt 7 - Deep Six July 25, 1989 Dirk Pitt 7 - Deep Six Cook Inlet, Alaska Black clouds rolled menacingly over the sea from Kodiak Island and turned the deep blue-green surface to lead. The orange glow of the sun was snuffed out like a candle flame. Unlike most storms that swept in from the Gulf of Alaska creating fifty- or hundred-mile-an-hour winds, this one bred a mild breeze.

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