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By Nicholas Wolterstorff

The canonical texts and traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam declare that God speaks, yet philosophers often mistakenly deal with such speech as revelation. Wolterstorff argues that modern speech-action idea bargains a desirable method of the declare. He develops an leading edge idea of interpretation alongside the best way opposing the present near-consensus of Ricoeur and Derrida that there's whatever wrong-headed approximately reading a textual content to determine what its writer stated.

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Assertion and propositional revelation do remain distinct phenomena. As we saw earlier, propositional revelation can occur without assertion being its medium. To assert is to make a claim; and that, on the analysis I will be offering, is to take up a certain normative stance. Thus an account of divine revelation does not yet give one an account of what it is for God to assert things. Nevertheless, divine assertion is one of the media of divine revelation; whereas divine commanding and promising are not.

What is then primarily revealed is the location of the jewels', and that is not an aspect of the agent. Yet it is not simply unconnected with the agent, in the way in which the slashing of the painting was unconnected with the Board Chairman. Secondarily, or derivatively, the person revealed his knowledge of that. What connects the location of the jewels to the agent, and makes it possible for him to reveal it, is that it is the content of one of his items of knowledge. Types of agent self-revelation Let us move on, now, to highlight some of the more important distinctions among examples of agent self-revelation.

This claim or assumption points to a real difference; but it cannot be got at in quite so blunt a fashion. It's true that the husband's manifestation of his anxiety hasn't been picked up by his wife if she doesn't interpret his actions as the behavior of an anxious person; and it's true that the speaker's manifestation of his not knowing the difference in usage between "fewer" and "less" hasn't been picked up by his listeners if they don't interpret his speech as that of someone who doesn't know the difference.

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