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By Andrew Holecek

Lucid dreaming—waking up and turning into totally unsleeping on your dreams—has intrigued legions of these looking to discover their enormous internal worlds. but for plenty of, “getting lucid” for the 1st time should be elusive. And if you have, there are few assets that convey us the right way to use this notable kingdom for the larger target of awakening to all of fact, day or night.
With Dream Yoga, Andrew Holecek brings us a realistic consultant for meditators, professional dream tourists eager to pass deeper, and overall rookies wanting to adventure lucidity for the 1st time.
right here, you’ll subscribe to this specialist instructor of dream paintings and meditation to learn:

  • How to evoke on your goals evidently through the use of smooth medical ideas with the insights and practices of Tibetan dream and sleep yoga
  • Proven counsel to beat universal hindrances, increase dream keep in mind, concentration and magnify expertise whereas dreaming, paintings with nightmares properly, get to the bottom of emotional blockages, and glean knowledge out of your dreams
  • A wealth of practices and assistance that experience helped millions get pleasure from winning dream-time exploration
  • Essential Buddhist teachings and instruments for navigating the numerous geographical regions of sleep (dreaming is only one of them)
  • Direct insights into the continuation of realization past the actual physique and death
  • How to convey your talents jointly to have interaction with the loads of millions of dream possibilities that almost all people fail to remember or dismiss

have you questioned what occurs if you sleep and dream? wanted to get up on your goals and feature the time of your lifestyles? Or desired to use your sleep hours to completely discover those dimensions, heal, and evolve? Dream Yoga answers those questions—not academically yet directly—by exhibiting you ways to entry this profound universe for yourself.

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We also don’t have role models in this young field, certified dream heroes we can emulate. What do you do when modesty is the result of mastery? 4 This is why you’ll have a hard time finding masters of dream yoga. They don’t talk about their experiences. As the Taoist tradition proclaims, “He who knows does not speak. ” So even though I start this book by sharing a life-changing experience, I will tread a middle way, erring on the side of omission. I will occasionally rely on the dream reports of others to convey what is possible in the night.

In technical terms, we can almost say that we’ll reify, or materialize, the dream world in an effort to de-reify, or dematerialize, the waking world — until both are seen as equally real or unreal, and we awaken to the illusory nature of both. That’s where freedom lies, and that’s what “waking up” in the spiritual sense means. We’ll have much more to say about lucid dreams throughout the book. Right now, let’s look at a map that can help us understand where we’re going when we sleep and dream, and then explore how to get there.

To transform fear, you have to work at the level of feeling, which is where you touch what you’re trying to transform — exactly what meditation is designed to do. When you’re around someone who has done this inner work, and has fully incorporated the teachings with deep meditation, you can feel it. You can tell that this is a person who practices what they preach and is someone you can trust. For me, this has always been a guide for identifying an authentic teacher. Is what they say more than just talk?

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