Download Dresden Files RPG, Volume 2: Our World (Preorder Edition) by Kenneth Hite, Jim Butcher, Fred Hicks, Leonard Balsera, PDF

By Kenneth Hite, Jim Butcher, Fred Hicks, Leonard Balsera, Genevieve Cogman, Chad Underkoffler, Rob Donoghue, Clark Valentine, Ryan Macklin

By means of now, you recognize that there’s a lot extra to the area than most folk become aware of. Magic is genuine, fairytale characters aren’t simply in children’s books, and malevolent creatures do lurk within the woods. you possibly additionally notice that issues get greater than a bit complex in the back of the veil. You don’t recognize the 1/2 it yet.

Many citizens of the supernatural world— a few humans name it the “Old World”—organize
themselves into factions, for a similar purposes natural mortals manage themselves into tribes and international locations: mutual safeguard and shared tradition. challenge is, factions within the supernatural global make the United countries appear like the neighborhood bridge membership. Supernatural factions have hidden histories, darkish secrets and techniques, and blood feuds. every one has its personal model of the way a lot they’ve left their fingerprints at the historical past of the realm. And whilst disagreements come up, you’d larger get out of the way.

However, those factions are likely to visit a few attempt to ensure that mortals don’t even
bother to begin searching for their fingerprints within the first position. To the supernatural set, many of the international should still take pleasure in cozy lack of know-how. Vicious wars were fought between those supernatural countries, correct below the noses of unsuspecting mortals. however, a few occasions and episodes of the outdated global order are well-established and will also be tracked by means of mundane humans.

In the broader scope of items, most of the influence of the supernatural on mortal heritage actually
gets canceled out behind the curtain. The White Council saves a cost the following; the pink court docket takes over a eu colony in South the USA there; volcanoes explode, killing hundreds of thousands (and a few nasty mystical critters); Milwaukee disappears for a weekend. these items ensue. the key approximately occult historical past is that it provides upward thrust to Long-standing grudges and vendettas one of the supernatural factions. And those centuries-long animosities usually capture uninvolved humans within the gears and grind
them up, resulting in new and assorted drives for revenge.

Life isn’t reasonable. That’s heritage, too.

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First Appearance: Summer Knight. What We Know: There are three Faerie Queens per Court: Queen Who Was (the Mother), Queen Who Is (the Queen), Queen Who Is to Come (the Lady). The Ladies are closest to the mortal world and are the weakest of the three. The Queens live completely in Faerie and rule their Court. The power of the Queens has existed since the dawn of life and will until its end; it is power to rival Archangels and lesser gods—but the power of the Queens of Summer and Winter cancel each other flawlessly.

The leader of the cobbs of Shoegasm (Woodfield Mall, Chicago) is named Keef. Powers: Cobbs can bring basic faerie mojo to bear, largely as glamours. ” Weaknesses: Standard fae weaknesses, plus small size, a horror of damage to shoes and threatening to throw broken shoes away, as well as an obsession to repair shoes. Elves Description: Three foot tall archers, usually aligned with the Summer Court. That’s all we know. First Appearance: Small Favor. What We Know: Preternatural archers. Powers: Standard fae.

Native material types often have weaknesses associated with the materials they’ve been built from. For example, plant-based constructs are vulnerable to fire. Constructs seem to share the weaknesses of their animating magic as well—that is, a construct animated by Faerie magic is vulnerable to iron. Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes? Cassius’ Snakes I don’t do a lot of construct work—I prefer to be a bit more hands-on. Description: Lots of little snakes, or one big serpent. First Appearance: Death Masks.

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