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By Aidan Chopra, Rebecca Huehls

I have got numerous books from the "Dummies" sequence, and infrequently they go away a section to be wanted. This one particularly delivers.In only one weekend, with the aid of this booklet and writer Aidan Chopra's very good significant other video clips on YouTube, I went from whole Sketchup newbie to really generating usable building plans for a small shed.Some lecturers can take in loads of a while with out handling to get any useful details into your head. Aidan's acquired a knack for realizing and providing you with what you must comprehend to get truly up and operating with Google Sketchup.Five stars!

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Inevitably, they don’t, and things end up getting messed up. If you change your mind in the middle of moving something, just press Esc; everything will go back to the way it was. Picking it up here... Picking it up here... Figure 2-19: To move things precisely, choose precise points to grab things and put them down. lets you stack precisely Chapter 2: Establishing the Modeling Mind-set ߜ Don’t forget about inferences. To move something in one of the colored directions, just wait until you see the dotted On Axis linear inference appear; then hold down Shift to lock yourself in that direction.

So here’s the deal: I’ve divided this chapter into three main parts: ߜ The first part talks about edges and faces — the basic stuff that SketchUp models are made of. ߜ The second part deals with the way SketchUp lets you work in 3D (three dimensions) on a 2D (flat) surface — namely, your computer screen. Understanding how SketchUp represents depth is everything when it 22 Part I: Getting Started with SketchUp comes to making models. If you’ve never used 3D modeling software before, pay close attention to the middle part of this chapter.

See your model swiveling around? Release the scroll wheel when you’re done. Using your mouse to orbit means that you don’t have to switch tools every time you want a better view, which saves you truckloads of time. Figure 2-11: The Orbit tool lets you see your model from any angle. Zooming in and out Hold your empty glass at arm’s length. Close your eyes, and then bring the glass rushing toward you, stopping right when it smashes you in the nose. Now throw the glass across the room, noticing how it shrinks as it gets farther away.

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