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By Heather Curatola, Harry Heckel, Kathy Ryan

On Hemmed-in flooring, hotel to Stratagem...

The Wheel of a while turns progressively to the age of blood and fireplace, the age that the Westerners name the Apocalypse. The ghostly roars of battles but to return resound within the Yang geographical regions, and the cries of untamed devils echo among mountaintops. And the beast-changers, the moon's teenagers -- the hengeyokai -- pay attention all of them. The tigers watch the solar descend; the goblin spiders move slowly within the shadows; the foxes whistle to each other; the dragons less than the mountains wake. The time of significant struggle is here.

On determined flooring, Fight!

Hengeyokai: Shapeshifters of the East info the werecreatures of Asia, their sorcery and strategies, and their blood enemies. What's extra, there's info at the spirit global of the East, in addition to atmosphere details at the center country and the Beast Courts. eventually, the elusive werefoxes -- the Kitsune -- seem in the entire aspect of a altering Breed booklet right. forget about this knowledge at your personal risk.

Hengeyokai: Shapeshifters of the East includes:
-details at the many altering Breeds of the East, together with Hakken Garou, Tengu and Zhong Lung
-Full info at the Kitsune; a whole altering Breed publication incorporated within
-Specific cosmology at the Asian spirit worlds, new presents, rites and powers, antagonists and more

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All who have visited the realm believe that it is allied to the Wyrm, a breeding place of evil and darkness. Those who venture deep enough into the Cave of Centipedes come across unlucky spirits of the recent dead. Many crawl or limp about with the injuries or diseases that snatched their lives still evident on their spirit bodies. They cry and moan, begging for help and attention. They are best avoided, stones through which ashen may crawl through into the Realm. The natural light of the cave is a faint phosphorescence which for even the wisest has difficulty determining which spirits simply want their pain eased and which ones will offer another allows only indistinct features to be made out, even with the sharp eyes of a hengeyokai.

They always known exactly where they are. All things around them seem crystal clear, and yet the entire experience has a dreamlike feeling. Although this sounds like a dichotomy, for those who visit the Gardens, the experience feels completely natural. Most bow their heads to no hengeyokai, treating even Khan with only hengeyokai feel compelled in the Gardens to meditate on Gaia grudging respect. Although they accept praise and respond to courtesy in kind, they do not accede to be bound into fetishes.

Of course, nobody knows the names of all the Yang Lords; the Courts had to use much diplomacy and bartering to uncover even a few. The best known and most often perceived of the Yang Realms follow. wisdom in her words and actions, she may earn the aid of not only the court she visits, but many others throughout the Umbra. It is also worth noting that too favorable of an impression may lead to a prince offering to wed a hengeyokai, an offer that is not easy to escape without risking offense. Caution should be the wise one's guide.

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