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Grasp the necessities of the English language and write with higher self belief.

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Adverbial clauses of manner Like adverbs of manner, adverbial clauses of manner say how something is done. She ran as though her life depended upon it. The adverbial clause of manner ‘her life depended on it’ explains how she ran. Adverbial clauses of comparison An adverbial clause of comparison makes an explicit comparison. Sandra works harder than her sister does. L E A R N I N G A B O U T S E N T E N C E C O N S T R U C T I O N / 41 Sandra is being compared with her sister. Adverbial clauses of degree An adverbial clause of degree will indicate the degree to which something is done.

Exhausted by the heat, she sat down in the shade. ) Adverbial phrases can indicate: Place She waited in the restaurant. The letter was on the table. He stood by the gate. Direction He walked across the road. The boy walked moodily along the path. 32 / I M P R O V E Y O U R P U N C T U A T I O N & G R A M M A R The train hurtled through the tunnel. Time The play finished at ten o’clock. She worked after lunch. The train left on time. Looking at noun phrases Noun phrases are groups of words that can serve as subjects, objects, or complements in your sentence.

D) Dreaming of her holiday made her forget her unXXshappiness. (e) Furiously angry, she shouted at her daughter. (f) They have gone on holiday. (g) To visit Australia was his ambition. (h) The postponed match was to take place the following XXsday. (i) Gazing out of the window, he wondered what he XXsshould do next. (j) Hurrying to catch her train, Denise tripped and fell XXsheavily. 3. Pick out and identify the subordinate clauses in the following passage: The prisoner, who had been badly beaten, crouched in the corner of his cell.

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