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59, 525. Hundhausen, A. J. (1968), Interplanetary Neutral Hydrogen and the Radius of the Heliosphere, Planet. , 16, 783–793. Izmodenov, V. V. (2004), The Heliospheric Interface: Models and Observations, in The Sun and the Heliosphere as an Integrated System (G. Poletto & S. T. ), pp. 23–64, Kluwer Academic Publishers. 20 The heliosphere: Its origin and exploration [Ch. 1 Lanzerotti, L. , and M. Schulz (1969), Interaction between the Boundary of the Heliosphere and the Magnetosphere of Jupiter, Nature, 222, 1054.

Cycle 23 is exceptional in that well after maximum it had twice as many flares per month as the previous two cycles had at the same sunspot number level. Sec. 3 Cycle 23 29 Climax Cosmic Rays (8-month Lag) giving nearly twice the number of flares than were seen in the previous two cycles at the same sunspot number level. Late cycle flare activity for cycle 23 certainly ‘‘pushes the envelope’’ for our experience with X-ray flare data. , 2003). The former came between the first and second sunspot maxima, while the latter was well into the declining phase of the cycle.

The Oort Cloud is a spherical shell of comets extending to $10,000 AU. Coincidentally, the edge of the Local Interstellar Cloud that surrounds our solar system may also lie at a similar distance. Alpha Centauri, the best known member of our nearest star system, lies well beyond at $300,000 AU. system scale, truly enormous. 3). 2 The termination shock and beyond: Voyager 1 results In heliospheric research, once Voyager 1 passed $50 AU, modelers and data analysts began to converge on the conclusion that the distance to the termination shock would be in the vicinity of 80–100 AU, depending on the time during the activity cycle of the Sun.

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